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Quality Dental Care in Rosemère

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A Gentle, Professional Approach

At Clinique Dentaire Danielle Poirier, you’ll find dental care adapted to your needs, in a calm, professional and relaxed atmosphere. Along with her team, your dentist cares about the health of your teeth, in addition to your comfort and well-being.

Here’s an overview of the treatments we offer. To learn more about each of our services, please visit the Ordre des dentistes du Québec.

Exam and Cleaning

Going in for a complete dental exam and thorough teeth cleaning once or twice a year will ensure good oral health and prevent tooth decay or other complications.


Dental restorations are done using various techniques (composite, amalgam) to restore teeth to their original, beautiful appearance.


A grey, restorative material mainly comprised of mercury, silver, copper and tin, used on posterior teeth.

Implant Crowns
Following the surgical component performed by one of our specialists, we will install a crown on the implant.

Root Canal Treatment
This treatment is used to disinfect a tooth with a nerve that is either damaged, infected, or dead. The tooth is then sealed, and saved from extraction.

Device worn during the practice of some sports to reduce the risk of tooth or bone fractures.

Tooth Extraction

Extraction of teeth that can no longer be repaired. This includes wisdom teeth.


These are usually recommended to children once the first molars have erupted. They help prevent cavities in the grooves and on the tops of the teeth.


Composite resin is an aesthetic, white material that can be used on the anterior and posterior teeth.


When the tooth is very damaged, or even just for aesthetic purposes, a laboratory-made, custom crown can be cemented to your tooth.


Can replace one or more missing teeth.

Home treatment using aligners.

Gum Treatment

Thorough cleaning, usually under a local anesthetic. Allows us to eliminate tartar and bacteria under the gums.


Home treatment using aligners.

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