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Clinique Dentaire Danielle Poirier has your Oral Health at Heart

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Advanced Dental Care at Rosemère

At Clinique Dentaire Danielle Poirier in Rosemère, we offer a complete range of cutting-edge dental treatments. The following is a detailed overview of our services.

Diagnosis and prevention

  • Thorough exams and follow-ups

  • Digital x-rays: interdental, panoramic

  • Descaling/cleaning

  • Prostheses maintenance


  • Treatment of dental cavities

  • Amalgam (silver fillings)

  • Composite (white fillings)

  • Gold and porcelain inlays


Simple or complex tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth


Whitening at home with custom trays


Personalized devices designed to protect teeth against tooth wear caused by bruxism (grinding of the teeth) and to reduce muscle pain related to clenching

Pediatric Dentistry

  • Child-friendly approach

  • Topical fluoride treatments

  • Pit and fissure sealants

  • Fillings

  • Removal of primary teeth

  • Orthodontic problem prevention

  • Space maintainers

Fixed prostheses

  • Single crowns

  • Fixed bridges

  • Butterfly bridges

Endodontics (root canal treatments)

Treatments related to disinfecting a tooth with a nerve that is damaged, infected or lifeless. Once this is done, the tooth is sealed, and won’t need to be extracted.


  • Bone and gum exams

  • Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis

  • Root planing: deep cleaning of teeth under a local anesthetic

  • Gum graft

Cosmetic dentistry

Porcelain or composite veneers


Custom devices to reduce the risk of injury to the teeth and jaw while playing sports.

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