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Frequently Asked Questions

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Clinique Dentaire Danielle Poirier in Rosemère Answers You!

Here is a list of questions that are frequently asked by our patients. For further details or to obtain more information, please feel free to get in touch with us, get in touch with us

At what age should I schedule an appointment for my child?

When your child is around 3-years of age. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you notice anything unusual beforehand.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Our insurance payment policy is as follows:

If your insurance company offers direct payments, meaning that it will send us the amount it covers electronically, you will only need to pay the uninsured portion of your bill.

If your insurance company does not offer direct payments but sends us the amount it will cover via e-mail, you will need to pay the full amount owed and wait for the insurer’s reimbursement to come through.

If your insurance company does not offer e-mail communications, you will need to pay your bill in full and wait for reimbursement from your insurer.

Please understand that the insured party is you, not us. We cannot be held responsible for what is included or excluded in your dental insurance coverage.

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What percentage of services will my insurance company reimburse?

It is not possible for us to accurately predict how much will be covered by your insurer. It is up to you to read up on your contract’s terms as far as the maximum amount that may be reimbursed, the repayment rate, and frequencies permitted for examinations and cleanings. That being said, we are here to assist you with these requests. During treatment plans, we will send your insurance company an estimate of treatments required, which will allow you to know exactly how much will be covered by your insurance company, in advance.

In what cases are treatments covered by welfare?

Anyone who holds a valid claim booklet stating that dental benefits are covered (yes), and a valid Medicare card can receive certain treatments for free. Both documents are required.

Who is entitled to benefits paid by the RAMQ?

Certain treatments are paid for by the government for children under 10 with a valid Medicare card.

What are the dental treatments covered by social assistance and the RAMQ?

Here is a summary of the coverage offered by the Quebec government. For more information, please contact us.

  • Exam: Once every 12 months for children under 10

  • Exam and cleaning: Once every 12 months for recipients of social assistance and for children over the age of 12, whose parents receive social assistance and who meet the program eligibility criteria.

  • Restorations: Grey fillings for back teeth and white fillings for front teeth.

  • Tooth extractions

  • Root canal treatments: for all children under the age of 9 and for children under 12 whose parents receive social assistance and who meet the program eligibility criteria.

Are dental treatments "guaranteed?”

We will resume all work within one year, free of charge, as long as the patient has not been negligent or involved in an accident.

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Do you accept new patients?

New patients are always welcome.

What are your payment terms?

We accept cash, debit and credit cards.

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